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  • AVAS Executive Committee Meeting 2022
  • Distribution of IGA support among Disable childern families.
  • All staff traning on AVAS Policy
  • Receiving the Best Divisional JOYEETA Award of AVAS,s Executive Director
  • Director General of the NGO Affairs Bureau Visited AVAS
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AVAS has tried to reflect the major activities those have been achieved in brief in annual report 2020. and social status of the targeted communities, and contributes to the national development efforts in the reporting year.AVAS has implemented 13 projects with the support of government and aid agencies fund with the focus on several Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).During this reporting period, AVAS successfully completed almost cent percent activities which seem significant and better than previous. With the vision and Mission of AVAS, the organization has addressed disadvantaged people particularly women, children, adolescent and youths through empowering them socially and economically for establishing an equitable society and focusing more on gender equality, child protection issues, violence against women, and humanitarian response in all its programs of AVAS those always putting up their sincere efforts for AVAS.As a non - government voluntary organization AVAS is responsive to social, cultural, economic and disaster issues, and respectful to all citizens, in respect of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.The organization with its committed staffs, honorable members enlightened entrepreneurs and all concerned are continuing its interventions to bring positive change among the targeted disadvantaged community.AVAS will continue its effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. I think the brief report would helpful for our clients, participants, partners, stakeholders, communities and the individuals involved with, and interested to know and understand AVAS. I appreciate the efforts of the AVAS personnel were involved in furnishing the report, and thanking staff members of all tires, those who were assisted through providing relevant information and important data to make the report informative, and deliver it on time. I am grateful to the Government of Bangladesh and all of our development and funding partners, along with the members of AVAS general, executive and advisory body for their continuous support and contribution in the year of 2020 in operating the programs, and creating standard positions of the organization.This would not have been possible to achieve the desires of our targeted community & groups without their continuous support.I also express my gratitude to the front line staff members, samittees / groups and individual program participants who have worked very hard to make positive changes in the communities and in their lives. Building on the successes and learning from 2020, we look forward to having a greater impact in 2021.I very much look forward to the coming year, and again present before you a new harvest of ongoing activities and outcomes.With warm regards and in solidarity(2020)

Rahima Sultana Kazal

Executive Director

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